5050 Game

50/50 game page

The 50/50 game is an area in the Games Corner where users can bet money, coins, and Points, against each other. These are the rules, exactly as the game states them, "This game is easy, so easy even you can play, all it involves is a bit of money/coins and some guts. How to play: 2 people bet the same amount of money/coins, then a winner is randomly picked. The winner receives all the money/coins. If you end up being the Gambler of The Day you earn 250 coins & 25,000,000!"

It is noticeable that you can also play Rock/Paper/Scissors versus another instead of simply betting. By doing this, you choose either Rock, Paper or Scissors. Then, the other person chooses either Rock, Paper or Scissors. However, Rock/Paper/Scissors does not affect your Gambler of The Day status.