The Pokemon Creed forums are a place where users can discuss the game and other matters. It has a reputation system that can be used to rate users.It is a platform where many of the bugs and queries have been cleared.



  • Pokemon Creed - News/Announcements
  • Pokemon Creed- Rules and TOS

Pokemon CreedEdit

  • Pokemon Creed - General Discussions
  • Pokemon Creed - Market/Trades
  • Pokemon Creed - Clans
  • Pokemon Creed - Contests
  • Pokemon Creed - Questions/Help
  • Pokemon Creed - Ideas/Suggestions
  • Pokemon Creed - Bugs/Errors

Off Topic DiscussionEdit

  • Oddish's Off Topic
  • Ralt's Roleplaying Center
  • Mudkip's Movies
  • Rattata's Music Rave
  • Teddiursa's Tech Lab
  • Growlithe's Golf Course
  • Sunkern's Studying Session
  • Dratini's Deep Discussion

Graphics Edit

  • Graphics Showcase
  • Graphics Tutorials and Resources
  • Graphics Services and Requests

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Staff Forums
  • Player Disputes
  • Ban/Frozen Appeal


  • You can rate a user by giving him a +1,0 or -1 and leave a short message for that.This rating is visible in the form of 'reputation'.
  • If your clan owns a forum,you can view it in a separate section labelled 'Your Clan - BETA'.
  • You can thank a post, if you really find it worthy enough.