Hitdown is a free game available to play in the Games Corner. The rules of the game are stated as:

"The rules are simple, first three people to hit in each round wins.
Each round will reset itself every 360 minutes."

To hit, you click on a box marked "Hit". The prizes are:

1st Place: 250 coins & $10,000,000

2nd Place: 100 coins & $5,000,000

3rd Place: 50 coins & $2,500,000

'Only 3 people can win each round.'


  • Add the Time until Hitdown to Creed Time so you don't have to check back every few seconds.
  • Wait until there are 2 Seconds left then click you have a better chance of winning.
  • Even though it is stated that only 3 people win. there are chances of many people winning because many people (if online) hit approximately at the same time.