Johto is the second region in Pokemon Creed. It costs £2,000,000 to go there. The current Throne of Johto is RichKidDre.

Johto's Towns/CitiesEdit

Here is a list of the Towns and Cities in Johto:

New Bark Town

Cherrygrove City

Violet City

Azalea Town

Goldenrod City

Ecruteak City

Olivine City

Cianwood City

Mahogany Town

Blackthorn City

Johto's Gyms and LeadersEdit

Here is a list of Johto's Gyms and Leaders:

Falkner in Violet City

Bugsy in Azalea Town

Whitney in Goldenrod City

Morty in Ecruteak City

Chuck in Cianwood City

Jasmine in Olivine City

Pryce in Mahogany Town

Clair in Blackthorn City