Kanto is the first region in Pokemon Creed and where everybody starts off. It's free to go there once you start off, but if you move to another region and want to go back, it costs £1,000,000. The current Throne of Kanto is Spyro2003.

Kanto Cities/TownsEdit

Here is a list of cities and towns inside Kanto:

Pallet Town

Viridian City

Pewter City

Cerulean City

Vermilion City

Lavender Town

Celadon City

Fuchsia City

Saffron City

Cinnabar Island

Kanto Gyms and LeadersEdit

The Gym and Gym Leaders in Kanto are:

Brock from Pewter City.

Misty from Cerulean City.

Lt. Surge from Vermilion City.

Erika from Celadon City.

Koga from Fuchsia City.

Sabrina from Saffron City.

Blaine from Cinnabar Island.

Giovanni from Viridian City.