Who's that Pokemon menu

Who's that Pokemon? is a new minigame for the Games Corner. It's based on the popular section at the halfway point of every old Pokemon episode of the same name. It displays a black silhouette with black streaks going through the screen. The player would then have to guess which pokemon it is. If he is succesful then he goes for another one or he tries again. The player has 90 seconds to guess which one it is.


After going on it, Professor Oak will tell the player:

'Hi [PLAYER'S NAME]. This is urgent!

Unfortunately, Team Rocket has corrupted my Pokedex entries, they need to be fixed very quickly and I need your help.

The machine I've recently made for you to fix this problem is very unstable and so there is a 90 second timer.

The rules are simple, type in the name of the Pokemon corresponding to the image you are shown.

The Pokemon Guesser of The Day is rewarded with 1,000 coins and $250,000,000.

The 90 second timer will only start once you correctly guess the first Pokemon shown.

Please note that the game will automatically reset if you logout or press the reset button.

This is a great way to improve your reaction time, typing speed, memory, object/shape-recognition skills (eye)

Will you assist me, [PLAYER'S NAME]?'

Then the player may reply...

'Yes, it would be my pleasure!' --Takes them to the game.

'No, thank you.' --Takes them back.

'Let me practice first!' --Takes them to a practice screen, which is the same only without the timer.

Pokemon Guesser of the DayEdit

Everyday, the person with the most guesses will be chosen and then will be put on the screen the following day. They will also receive 1,000 coins and $250,000,000. Underneath their username and avatar it will also say how much they got to win and what's the best they've ever gotten.